Mission Statement

We will lead a unified national effort to secure Antigua and Barbuda. We will prevent, deter, protect against and respond to threats and hazards to our country. We will secure our national borders while welcoming lawful immigrants, visitors, and trade.

Vision Statement

A secure Antigua and Barbuda, a confident public, and a strong and resilient society and economy.

To be the leading immigration Department in the Caribbean and worldwide in providing effective and efficient service in ensuring lawful stay and movement in and out of Antigua and Barbuda.


Strategic Objectives


  1. Increase the speed of processing immigration documentation through computerization.
  1. Improve the control and facilitation mechanisms for exit and entry into Antigua and Barbuda.
  1. Review and reform immigration laws and regulations inline with the prevailing constitutional provisions and regional cooperation.


Departmental Personal Objectives


  • Integrity and Impartiality- We will faithfully apply our policies and practices with impartiality and honesty and will uphold our high standards of integrity at all times.
  • Courtesy and Compassion-We will treat each member of the public with respect,consideration,courtesy and compassion. We will be empathetic, appreciative of different perspectives and flexibility in the application of policies to meet specific needs.
  • Alertness andAwareness – We will remain sensitive to ever-changing social, cultural, economic and political environment, assimilate trends and realign our business strategies and operational procedures to meet new challenges.
  • Improvement and Illumination – We will continuously strive for excellence in whatever we do and seek to be the role model of other immigration services worldwide.