Q: Do I need a student Permit to attend school in Antigua and Barbuda?

A:  Non-immigrant students, other than citizens of OECS Countries who have acquired the indefinite Status, need a student permit to attend an educational institution in Antigua and Barbuda


Q: I have been granted a student permit for only one year. But my studies in Antigua and Barbuda last for more than just one year!

A: Student permits are usually only granted for one year at a time. When you apply for your first student permit, it is processed by the Immigration Department. After that, you will need to renew your student permit annually.


Q: My student permit has expired. Can I continue my studies until the renewal is completed?

A: A non-immigrant student who attends an educational institution without a valid student permit commits an offence under the Antigua and Barbuda Immigration and Passport Act, 2014.


  1. Can I change my educational Institution?

  2.   A non-immigrant student who is the holder of a student permit for a specified educational institution may not attend an educational institution other than the educational institution specified in his or her permit.

Applications for changing schools can be obtained from the Immigration Department if you wish to change schools. You must apply for a new study permit and provide the appropriate documentation. This may be done while you are in Antigua and Barbuda.


Q: May I work while attending an educational institution in Antigua and Barbuda? 

A: No. you cannot engage in gainful or unpaid occupation while being a holder of a student permit for Antigua and Barbuda. However, the student may engage in unpaid occupation undertaken in connection with his or her studies.

A work permit is required if the intended employment is an internship for more than three months and is an essential and integral part of your course of study or if the intended employment is related to an approved research or training program.

Q: I arrived in Antigua and Barbuda on vacation and would like to extend my stay to attend an educational institution.

A:  A bona fide visitor who arrived in Antigua and Barbuda for the purpose of vacation is not allowed to change his or her status to being a student. Application for a student permit must be approved prior to the non-immigrant’s arrival into Antigua and Barbuda.


 Q: What documentation is required to apply for a student permit?

A: The following documentations are required to apply for a study permit:

  1. Application form for the student visa.
  2. Acceptance Letter from Ministry of Education.
  3. Acceptance letter from the educational institution.
  4. Applicant’s Passport
  5. Proof of financial support
  6. Health certificate
  7. Birth certificate
  8. Passport belonging to Parents or guardians.
  9. Passport size photo

In addition to these documents, you may have to provide other information when you apply for a student permit. If you are not the parent of the student of the application, you must present a custody order, from a family court of the country which issued the child’s passport, granting the named accompanying adult sole care, control and custody of the minor and permission for the minor to remain in Antigua and Barbuda (the period must be specified in the order)


Q: who can submit an application on behalf of a student who is under the age of eighteen years?

A: Only the lawful parent/parents or lawful guardian of a minor under the age of eighteen may submit an application on behalf of the said minor.

In a case where the parent with whom the child lives and/or who has sole custody of the said child is married to a person or may be cohabiting with a person who is not a lawful parent of such a child, to be recognised by adoption only, the non-parent can only serve as a sponsor of such a child and must sign the sponsorship undertaking.

Unless one of the parents are dead, the name does not appear on the child’s birth certificate or there exist a custody order granting sole custody to one parent or a guardian, the lawful permission of both lawful parents must be presented before such applications can be approved.

Q: I as the sponsor of the student has health insurance. Is the child covered under this insurance?

A:  No. The student musthave coverage or name should appear on the insurance. Evidence of health insurance coverage for the period of extension being sought and, where it applies, evidence that confirms that the health insurance for the previous of a granted extension was paid and not in arrears.


 Q: I am renewing my student permit. Is a report required from the educational institution?

A:  Yes. A sealed report from the principal of the school where the said student is/was enrolled containing grades, attendance and disciplinary infractions is required for approval for an additional year.


 Q: My Parents or guardians is/are not legally residing in Antigua and Barbuda. Will the student permit be approved?

A:  No. Any dependent who requires a student permit, even where lawfully qualified to be enrolled in an educational institution, will not be permitted an extension of time where the lawful parent/parents or lawful guardians with lawful custody of the minor are unlawfully living in Antigua and Barbuda.