The holder of any permit granted under the Immigration and Passport Act 2014 who wishes to remain in Antigua and Barbuda for a period longer than the time specified in the permit may apply, in the prescribed form, to the Chief Immigration Officer for an extension of the time; He shall attend in person at the office of the Chief Immigration Officer or such other office as may be designated for the purpose by the Chief Immigration Officer.

Visitors wishing to extend their stay should make an application to the Immigration Department on the prescribed form which is available at the department or online. An application form must be completed by all applicants seeking an extension of their stay for tourist purposes. The following items should be submitted with the application:

  • one passport size photograph
  • a valid passport or travel document
  • a valid airline ticket
  • evidence of means of support
  • Application fee ($300.00 for the Non-CARICOM Nationals and $150.00 for CARICOM Nationals).
  • Must complete an “extension of stay” application if doing so for the first time (forms available at immigration offices)
  • An appointment must be made with the Extension Division of the Immigration Department at 562-7883.
  • Must provide a copy of the vessel clearance and crew list. (for Crew Members)
  • Must present a letter of employment from the Master if crew was entered by air to join the vessel. (crew members)

The fee constitutes a processing fee only and does not imply that an extension of stay will necessarily be granted as each application is dealt with on its own merits.

The applicant must appear personally and will be required to furnish evidence of his ability to support himself in Antigua and Barbuda. If an applicant is dependent upon hospitality being furnished by a friend or relative, the applicant is encouraged to have his host accompany him to avoid delay.

Visitors are not permitted to engage in any occupation or to accept any paid or unpaid employment during the period of their stay.



Passengers who arrived via the Seaport are to present themselves to an Immigration Officer at the Immigration Headquarters as if entering the country for the first time and must have in their possession a ticket to country of origin or of a country that will accept them and evidence of means to maintain themselves during their stay.

In the case of crew in the employment of a vessel, the Agent will provide a letter of responsibility for crew. Crew whose employment ends or is terminated and wish to remain must satisfy the Immigration Officer that he/she has a ticket to his/her country of origin or one that will accept them and means to support him/herself for the intended period of stay on island.   Crew members wishing to extend their entry visa while their vessel is based here in Antigua and Barbuda must do so at the Immigration Head Quarters.


An EXTENSION of STAY must be filed before the expiration of the entry endorsement. This extension of stay is for a period of up to three (3) months and an official government receipt will be issued upon endorsement of the extension.


The applicant must submit the required information and documents to the Chief Immigration Officer. The requisite documentation is required to consider the application and to make a decision. Other documentation may be requested and may include but is not limited to the following:

  1. Valid Reason/purpose of extension of stay
  2. A valid return ticket or security deposit
  3. Proof of sufficient funds for upkeep during stay
  4. Proof of legitimate lodging
  5. Proof of parentage (for minors)
  6. Proof of work or student permission where applicable.
  7. Is in good health and possesses adequate health insurance coverage;
  8. Has a continuous source of annual income of at least the prescribed amount without the need to engage in employment in Antigua and Barbuda;
  9. has invested in developed residential real estate in Antigua and Barbuda in such amount as may have been prescribed; or
  10. Owns, in whole or in part, a residential building in Antigua and Barbuda.
  11. Marriage certificate to an Antiguan Spouse or spouse of a resident permit holder.
  12. Completed Extension of Stay Form.
  13. Completed Sponsorship Form.
  14. Letter from Government Office noting employment conditions.
  15. Any other documentation that informs the department of the reason for the extension of time.
  16. A Police Certificate from your country of residence (if required).

An extension of time may be granted for:

  1.  A period not exceeding 90 days,
  2. for a period of time stipulated in a work permit or
  3. to remain in Antigua and Barbuda while attending an educational institution.