Frequently Asked Question for e-Visa
Q      What is an eVisa?

A       An e-Visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel to Antigua and Barbuda.

The e-Visa is an alternative to visas issued by Antigua and Barbuda overseas missions and at the ports of entry in Antigua and Barbuda.

Applicants obtain their visas electronically after entering required information and making payments by a credit or debit card                                (Mastercard or Visa).

The link to download your e-Visa is given on the final step where you will be informed that your application has been completed successfully. In addition,             the same link to download your e-Visa will be emailed to you. Passport control officers at ports of entry can verify your e-Visa on the border system.      However, you are advised to keep your e-Visa with you either as a soft copy (tablet PC, smart phone, etc.) or as a hard copy in case of any failure in their system.

As in the case of e-visas, respective Antigua and Barbuda immigration officials at the ports of entry reserve the right to deny entry into Antigua and      Barbuda to a holder of an e-Visa without any explanation.

Q        What do I need for an eVisa application?

A.        You need to have a travel document valid for at least 6 months from the date you intend to enter Antigua and Barbuda. Depending on your nationality,      there may be additional requirements. You will be informed of these requirements after you select your country of travel document and travel dates.

Q         What are the advantages of an eVisa?

A          An e-Visa can be obtained easily anywhere with an internet connection and it saves times that you would otherwise spend on visa applications at overseas missions or ports of entry into Antigua and Barbuda (if you were eligible for visa on arrival).

Q         Who is eligible to apply for e-Visa?

A          Any holder of a travel document that requires a visa to enter Antigua and Barbuda. Please see countries that require visa ______.

Q          Do I need to enter Antigua and Barbuda on the exact dates as is specified in my application?

A            No. The validity of your e-Visa begins from the approval or issued date specified in your application. You can enter Antigua and Barbuda on any date within this approved period.

Q            If my travel dates change, can I apply for e-Visa amendment for a change of date?

A              No. You must obtain another visa

Q              Do I need to obtain a separate e-Visa for persons accompanying me?

A              Yes. Each traveller must have a separate e-Visa.

Q              Can I get a refund if I do not use my visa?

A                No. We cannot refund payments for unused e-Visas. The fee is a processing fee.

Q               Can I obtain a multiple entry e-Visa?

A                 Yes. Multiple entry e-visa last for one year.

Q                The information on my e-Visa does not match the information on my travel document, Can I enter Antigua and Barbuda on this e-Visa?

A                   No, your e-Visa is invalid. You must obtain another e-Visa.

Q                 I would like to stay in Antigua and Barbuda for a period of time longer than the e-Visa permits. What should I do?

A                  If you wish to stay in Antigua and Barbuda longer than your e-Visa permits, you must apply to the Immigration Department for an extension of your entry permit.

Please note that an e-Visa is granted only for tourism purposes. If you overstay your visa, you might be asked to pay fines, deported or banned future travel to Antigua and Barbuda for a specific period of time.

Q               Are credit card payments made on the e-Visa webpage secure?

A               Our website maintains a high level of security standards. We are not responsible for any harm that may result from security vulnerabilities of your bank, your computer or your internet connection.

Q               I have realized that some of the information that I provided in the e-Visa application requires correction. What should I do?

A               You must create a new e-Visa application.

Q               I have completed my application. When will I obtain my e-Visa?

A               An email will be sent to you informing you of the decision of the e-Visa within seven working days from the date of application.

Q               I am notified by the system that my e-Visa application cannot be processed. What should I do?

A               You can visit the nearest Antigua and Barbuda Embassy or Consulate or contact the Immigration Department via email or telephone. Contact information is located on the Immigration Department’s web page.

Q               If my e-Visa application is denied, will my payment be refunded?

A                 No. The e-Visa application fee is a processing fee which is non-refundable.

Q               How long before my travel date should I apply for e-Visa?

A                You can apply for your e-Visa any time before your travel. However, you are advised to create an e-Visa application at least seven (7) working days before your departure date.

Expedited visa processing is available at an additional cost.

Q                I have realized that some information on my e-Visa does not match the information on my travel document. I know that my e-Visa is invalid. Can I get a refund?

A                 No. The applicant assumes responsibility for any mistakes made in his or her application.

Q             I do not want to apply for an e-Visa. Can I get a visa on arrival?

A              No. Arriving without a visa constitutes an undocumented traveler. You can be fined or refuse entry into Antigua and Barbuda.

Q             I do not have a credit card or debit card. Is there any other way of e-Visa fee payment?

A               No. You can only make a payment with a credit or debit card. On the other hand, please note that the card does not have to be under your name.

Q              I cannot make payment. What should I do?

A               Make sure that the card is either “Mastercard” or “Visa” (it does not have to be under your name), it has 3D Secure System and is open to international transactions. If your card has all of these and you still cannot make a payment, you can try making payment at another time or with a different card. Please also note that after you receive the “e-mail address verification message”, you need to click the “approve” button and proceed with the payment within 24 hours. Otherwise, your application will time out, the system will not accept payment, and you will need to create a new application. If the problem persists, you should contact your bank for assistance. In case you still cannot make a payment, please contact e-Visa Support Desk ( Home Page > Contact Us).

Q               Can I pay for the e-Visa on arrival?

A               No. You cannot pay for the e-Visa on arrival. The fee is a processing fee. Therefore, your visa will not be processed until all fees are paid.

Q              Am I required to upload a photo for the approval process or can the photo be taken on arrival.

A               Yes, Photos must be uploaded to complete the application process. Photos will only e taken on arrival if, the photo uploaded is not of good quality.

Q              Do I need other biometrics other than photo requirements?

A               Yes. Fingerprints are taken on arrival.

Q               I want the address on my payment receipt to be different than the address on my e-Visa application. Is this possible?

A               No. The address on your payment receipt is automatically taken from your e-Visa.

Q              What does the CVV/CVC/CVC2 number mean?

A               CVV / CVC / CVC2 for the credit card or debit card is the final three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the back of your card.

Q.             Do I need an e-Visa if I am on a cruise ship?

A                According to the policy of Antigua and Barbuda, Non-Nationals who arrive at sea ports for touristic purpose are exempt from visa provided that their stay does not exceed twenty-four (24) hours.

Q              My child is included in my passport. Do I need to make a separate –Visa application for him/her?

A               Yes. Kindly use her/his ID information and your passport information in the application.

Q              What are the criteria for the validity of my supporting documents (resident permit)?

A                The only requirement for your residence permit to be used as a supporting document is that it should be still valid (by date) by the time you enter Antigua and Barbuda. Previously used or unused single-entry visas are accepted as long as their validity date covers your entry date to Antigua and Barbuda. Please note that e-Visas of other countries are not accepted as a supporting document.

Q               What is the cost of an e-Visa?

A                 e-Visa fee varies according to the type of visa that you are applying for. Please, click “Apply” button on the homepage and select the type of visa application to find out the e-Visa fee that you are required to pay.

Q                How long will my e-Visa be valid for?

A                 The validity period of an e-Visa varies according to the type of visa you are requesting. Go to Main Page, click on Apply button and select the Type of visa you are requesting to check for how many days you are allowed to stay in Antigua and Barbuda.

Q               Who is deciding on the application?
A                The application is decided by the relevant Senior Officers of the Antigua and Barbuda Immigration Department. The processing time of the application is seven (7) working days. This time can be extended for up to 15 days and in exceptional cases for up to 30 days. The decision of the Immigration Department is based on the presented supporting documents.
Q               Can I appeal against the negative decision?
A                Within seven days from receiving the information about rejecting the application, the applicant can appeal against the decision of the Immigration Department that rejected the application. The processing time for assessing the appeal is fourteen days from receiving the appeal at the consulate.