Q.        Where can I make an application for citizenship?

A         An application for citizenship can be made to the Passport Office on Queen Elizabeth Highway.


Q         I don’t have the original passport that shows my first arrival date into Antigua and Barbuda. What should I do?

A         You should request a letter stating this information from the Immigration Department. There is a fee attached to this request because of the research process.


Q         I have now made my application for citizenship with the Passport Office, the receipt says that I should report to the Immigration Department in a month. Do I report to the Immigration Department on the date specified on the receipt?

A         No. You can call or visit the Immigration Department to make an appointment as soon as you receive the receipt from making the application.


Q         I am married to a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda for over three (3) years, am I required to go the Immigration Department for an interview?

A         No. The Immigration Department does not conduct interviews with applicants who have applied on the grounds of marriage.


Q         I am a citizen of an OECS Member States and have an indefinite stay in my passport. I have been living in Antigua and Barbuda for over seven (7) years, am I automatically eligible for citizenship?

A         No. As a citizen applicant, you are required to complete the process to obtain citizenship.


Q         What documentation do I require for the citizenship interview?

A         You are required to bring the following documentation with you on the day of your interview with the Immigration Department:

  • Receipt issued by the Passport Office
  • Copy of the BIO page of passport(s) and all other pages with Immigration stamps.
  • All passports while resident in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Local Antigua and Barbuda Police Record.
  • A copy of your birth certificate.
  • A copy of your Marriage certificate (If Married).
  • A Police Record from any country that you have lived in for six months or more.
  • Copies of arrears receipts.


Q         I am not certain if I am eligible to apply for citizenship. Can the Immigration Department advise me of my eligibility before I proceed to apply?

A         Yes. An interview Officer can research and check your file to inform you of your eligibility. A fee will be applied for the research.


Q         I received a Local Police Record two (2) weeks ago. Can I use that report on the day of my citizenship interview?


A         No. Police reports are valid for 24 hours only.