Entry Requirements

Every person arriving in Antigua and Barbuda is required to produce for inspection by an immigration officer a passport or some other valid document establishing their identity and nationality or place of permanent residence. This should be valid beyond the date of their return ticket. For citizens of the OECS countries, travel documents may include a photo Identification that carries the nationality/citizenship of the bearer and birth certificate.

Proof of citizenship or residence in Antigua and Barbuda may be established by producing a passport with work permit or residency endorsement or for citizenship, a citizenship certificate or passport.

Requirements to be a Bona fide Visitors.
A visitor must be in possession of a passport or other appropriate documentation that is valid beyond the date of their return ticket.

A visitor must be in possession of a paid return ticket or ticket entitling him and his dependents, if any, to travel to their next destination outside of Antigua and Barbuda. A visitor may also be required to satisfy the immigration officer that they he has sufficient funds to maintain himself and his dependents during the period of their stay in Antigua and Barbuda.

Length of Stay
Visitors may be granted permission to land in Antigua and Barbuda for a period of up to six months. This period may be extended for further periods not exceeding six months upon application to the Chief Immigration Officer.

Any person acting as the sponsor of a tourist visitor seeking permission to land in Antigua and Barbuda or seeking an extension of the permission may be required to give an undertaking in writing to be responsible for that tourist visitor’s maintenance and accommodation during the period of his stay in Antigua and Barbuda. The sponsor is also required by law to inform the Chief Immigration Officer within twenty-four hours of the expiration of the grant of permission if the tourist visitor in question has failed to depart from Antigua and Barbuda before the expiration of the permission granted.

2. Entry requirements air and maritime carriers
In advance of the vessels arrival, an Eseaclear notification is required and this is to consist of a completed crew and passenger list giving details of all crew and passengers as well as details of the vessel.

If for any reason the Eseaclear electronic process is not available, a manual process is available to include the following:

  • A vessel clearance multi-paged form is collected from Customs and filled in with black or blue ink to be presented to Immigration with a computer generated crew and passenger list and photo copies of all passports thereafter the balance of the clearance process applies.
  • A scan or photo copy of each passport is to be included in the notification.
  • If crew on board are from visa required countries, and are not in possession of a valid seaman’s book, then visa waivers are required. (Note: If there are to be multiple visits then an actual visa would be recommended)
  • If crew is in possession of a seaman’s book, then a visa is not required as the seaman’s book then becomes the primary entry document.
  • The Agent must verify if any members of crew or passengers will depart the vessel on arrival or at any time during the visit as these persons must be duly signed off the crew/passenger list.

FOR PASSENGERS – The Agent is to present passengers passports, travel information (date of travel, flight number and the copy of the inbound clearance list). Flight info is accepted electronically or in print.

FOR CREW – The Agent is to present crew (in person) with passports, travel information to include, date of travel, flight number and the copy of the inbound clearance list. Flight info is accepted electronically or in print. (If a crew members split is not amiable or is volatile, this should be brought to the attention of Immigration)

In the case of crew/passenger joining another vessel, then correspondence must be presented by the Agent signed by both vessel Masters, relinquishing and accepting responsibility for the said crew/passenger. Note: Children under the age of 12 years are not considered to be crew. (it has been the practice to list minors as crew)

If a member of crew or passenger is found to be a person of interest the Agent is expected to provide any or all information that will satisfy the Immigration Department. For some alerts personal interviews are required while others require personal interviews and statements to be made in writing for compilation of reports.
If a member of crew or passenger wishes to travel to Antigua/Barbuda without the required documentation or who for reasons of Immigration violations to include, having been asked to leave the state and deportation, permission must be sought in advance of arrival in Antigua/Barbuda from the Chief Immigration Officer.


Unique EseaClear ID number is presented to Customs for collection of clearance documents, then on to Immigration.

If EseaClear is not available then the manual procedure applies. Presentation of the following to the Immigration Officer:

  • Crew/passenger lists,
  • passports
  • and the vessel registration for entry processing.
  • Seaman’s books if required for crew from visa required countries Info on visa’s or visa waivers if required
  • Any other information deemed necessary (to include alternative ID’s)

On completion of Immigration processing, it’s back to Customs to have clearance made official. Then on to Port Authority for payment of Harbour fees and Cruising Permits

After completion of the clearance (with the Master’s copy of the inbound clearance document) the removal of departing crew or passengers will be made and duly recorded by the Immigration Officer.

After completion of the clearance (with the Master’s copy of the inbound clearance document) the removal of departing crew or passengers will be made and duly recorded by the Immigration Officer.

If a vessel is arriving with an illness or a medical emergency, Immigration is to be alerted. Port Health must also be alerted.
If crew or passengers are removed from the vessel for medical reasons, Immigration must be advised of the event and to be updated as the event evolves.

The Agent is responsible to Immigration relative to where medically disembarked will be accommodated when and by what means they will depart.

If a vessel will arrive after closure of the Clearance Facility and there are crew/passengers to leave via air, then special arrangements can be negotiated to facilitate entry. Departure of crew/passenger will not be facilitated without entry clearance of the vessel. In the case of a departing vessel awaiting crew or passengers, passports/ID’s must be seen along with other requited documents, by Immigration to facilitate the clearance.
Note: Customs and Immigration are to be notified of the impending arrival and changes in arrival times.

The Barbuda Immigration Office operates for limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays. However if there are circumstances where service is required, Immigration can facilitate in conjunction with the assistance of Customs and Port Authority. Contact can be made via 1-268-764-2161.

The Agent is to produce the Master of the Vessel and any or all other documents pertaining to or requested by the Immigration Officer with respect to un-manifested crew or passengers and is subject to subsequent investigation.