It’s out of question that living on an island has a special charm. Life is different than in most western Countries, where life rhythms are full of stress and anxiety. Islands like Antigua and Barbuda are particularly appealing places for foreign people: in fact, a growing number of US citizens decide to move to one of these two islands.

Antigua And Barbuda Have Much To Offer

Below, you will find a bunch of most relevant reasons why certain American citizens come to the final decision of moving to Antigua and Barbuda forever:Antigua & Barbuda beach

  • In Antigua and Barbuda you can sunbath on white and pink sand beaches almost all days of the year: these two islands are popular in the world for their number of beaches, exactly 365!
  • Spectacular nature and landscapes play their role and give a contribution to a peaceful life style
  • Best temperate climates in the world
  • You can plan outdoor activities and explorations
  • Nightlife is engaging and lively
  • The local cuisine is tasty
  • Numerous national holidays
  • In Antigua and Barbuda people can speak English and French
  • Homes are affordable and close to beaches
  • Casino games aren’t restricted or limited by laws

Casino Gamblers Love Antigua And Barbuda

These are some of the most evident reasons why a growing number of professional gamblers focus on Antigua and Barbuda as their second home land. Actually, the US laws seem to be extremely severe, while Antigua and Barbuda’s laws are more permissive to casino gambling and taxation on casino winnings.

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Ladbrokes – A Safe Online Casino For Everyone!

Gamblers who are in look for a serious and reliable online casino venture may feel worried about legal facts of gambling:

  • Legacy
  • Tax compliance on casino winnings
  • Methods of payment
  • Internet security facts

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Best Ladbrokes Slot Range

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